South Carolina Small Lakes  

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Largest Lakes in South Carolina         

                            Lake Juniper - Cheraw State Park     2011                                   Lake Pinnacle Table Rock State Park 2011

Saluda Lake - Greenville County

Saluda Lake is a 331 acre reservoir located in Greenville South Carolina.  It impounds the Saluda River on the border of Greenville and Pickens counties.  This lake provides the city of Easley in Pickens County a source of drinking water.  Saluda Lake is one of the very few small lakes in South Carolina to have a Bait & Tackle shop located on its shoreline. So, check out Saluda Lake Landing on your next visit.  The landing  is now open under new management with a boat ramp, boat rentals including fishing boats and kayaks, and a full menu of food.    

   Saluda Lake  

Note:  The dredging  of the upper end of Saluda Lake has been completed.  All the dredging markers have been removed and the upper end of the lake has more open water to drive a boat across. 

Saluda Landing now offers more food choices which includes a breakfast menu.

Lake Cooley  Just Posted 1-18-14

Lake Cooley is a 330 acre reservoir located in Spartanburg County.  There is park and boat dock located on the shoreline.   Regulations are posted in the park.

Lake Cooley

Boyd Mill Pond   

Boyd Millpond is a small 184 acre lake located in Laurens County near Ware Shoals.  Larger boats are not allowed on this lake, but smaller boats such as canoes, kayaks, and small fishing boats with motors less than 15 horsepower are perfect here.   The lake is full of bass, catfish, and bream.   There is one park located on Boyd's Millpond Road which is the only public access to the lake.  Check out the Boyd Millpond page for detailed information.   

 Boyd Millpond

Lake Pinnacle

Lake Pinnacle is the smaller of two lakes located in Table Rock State Park.  Lake Pinnacle is a 36 acre lake and Lake Oolenoy is a 67 acre lake.  The state park is located off of state Highway 11 in the upstate of South Carolina...

  Lake Pinnacle

HB Robinson - Chesterfield County  / Darlington County

Lake HB Robinson is a medium sized 2,250 acre lake located near the city of Hartsville South Carolina in the eastern part of the state.  This lake is owned by Progress Energy who operates nuclear energy plant and a coal plant on Lake Robinson.  The lake has public facilities including boat ramps provided by Progress Energy. There are also campgrounds on both sides of the lake. Do not confuse this lake with Lake John Robinson located in Greer SC.

Lake HB Robinson

Lake Juniper - Cheraw State Park - Chesterfield County

Lake Juniper is a 360 acre lake located in Cheraw State Park in Chesterfield County in South Carolina.  This beautiful lake feels very secluded.  The only development along the lake is the state park and the campgrounds within the state park.....  More information on lake page.

Lake Juniper - Cheraw State Park

Lake Prestwood - Darlington County

Lake Prestwood is located in Hartsville South Carolina very close to a larger lake called HB Robinson.  Both lakes impound the waters of Black Creek.   Based on my personal observations and comparisons with other known size lakes, I estimate the size of Lake Prestwood to be about 330-450 acres in size.... More information on lake page.

Lake Prestwood - Hartsville SC    

Lake Placid - Greenville County

Lake Placid is a 13 acre lake located in Paris Mountain State Park in Greenville South Carolina. The lake is in a mountain environment and has an easy hiking trail around it. The lake was built in the 1930's by the Civilian Conservation Corps.... More information on lake page.

Lake Placid - Greenville SC

Lake Cunningham - Greer SC

Lake Cunningham is 376 acre lake located near Greer South Carolina in Greenville County. Greer Public Works owns and maintains this lake with strict regulations designed to protect the lake. Along with its sister lake, Lake Robinson, Greer takes great pride in these two lakes. 

Lake Cunningham

Langley Pond - Aiken County

Langley Pond is a very old and very popular 250 acre lake located near North Augusta South Carolina.  This lake is largely unknown in other parts of the state.   Basically the locals love the fact that few outsiders have ever heard of this lake.  Now this secret lake paradise has been broadcast it to the world.  So come on down south and see what this grand old lake has in store for you. 

Langley Pond  

Lake Craig - Croft State Park (Spartanburg County)

Lake Tom Moore Craig is a 150 acre impoundment on Kelsey Creek in Croft State Park which is located in Spartanburg County.  There is one boat ramp on the lake along with campgrounds and fishing boat rentals...

Lake Craig

Lake Warren - Lake Warren State Park (Hampton County)

Lake Warren is the largest of the public lakes managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources .  A valid South Carolina Fishing License is required to fish here.....

Lake Warren

Lake Secession - Abbeville County

This is a 1,400 acrea lake located in Abbeville County.  Lake Secession has one double boat ramp located on Highway 184 near IVA South Carolina.  The Lake Russell map sold on this website has Lake Secession on it. 

   Lake Secession   

Broadway Lake  - Anderson County

Broadway is a small 300 Acre lake located in Anderson County.  It has one park with a boat ramp and swimming area.                

      Broadway Lake

Lake Thicketty - Cherokee County

Thicketty is a small 100 acre lake that is great for fishing.  There is one boat ramp and plenty of availble space to fish from the bank.

           Lake Thicketty 

Lake Rabon - Laurens County

Lake Rabon is 540 acre lake located in Laurens County.  It has a park with a boat ramp, fishing pier, and picnic shelters.

           Lake Rabon    

Lake Bowen - Spartanburg County

Spartanburg Water System owns and operates this 1,534 acre reservoir to provide water to the residents of Spartanburg County.  This is a well managed lake that is open to the public. 

          Lake Bowen

Lake Oak Grove - Greenville County

Greenville County Recreation operates an 18 acre lake in Greenville County.  It is located on Oak Grove Lake Road in Greenville South Carolina.  Fishing is allowed on Wednesdays and Saturdays.  The dam failed in 2012, but the lake has now been restored to full levels and is open to the public for recreation. 

      Lake Oak Grove

Lake Tugalo

Lake Tugalo is a mountain lake in the upstate of South Carolina located on the western border between Georgai and South Carolina.  This lake is a deep and clear water lake surrounded by moutains.  Tugalo is one of only a few lakes in South Carolina where you can catch trout. 

  Lake Tugalo

Lake Oolenoy - Table Rock State Park

This lake is located in Table Rock State Park.  It has a large fishing pier which is handicapped accessible  Fish in this lake included catfish, largemouth bass, and bream.   The lake covers 67 acres.

Lake Oolenoy  

Lake Oliphant

This lake is a public lake managed by the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources. A valid South Carolina fishing license is required to fish this lake. Largemouth bass were stocked in large numbers to help keep the lake from being over populated by bream, and has become an excellent small water fishing lake.

Lake Oliphant

Lake Robinson - Greer SC

Lake John Robinson is an 800 acre fishing lake located in Greer South Carolina off of Highway 101.  The lake is owned by Greer Commission of Public Works which also owns Lake Cunningham a few miles away.  There is one boat ramp, a fishing pier, restrooms, and picnic area open to the public.  The boat ramp is located on Mays Bridge Road. Do not confuse this lake with HB Robinson which is in Hartsville SC.  

Lake Robinson

Managed State Lakes in SC

The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources manages 19 small lakes in South Carolina.  These lakes have specific rules that may be different on each lakes regarding the amount of fish you can keep and the type of boats that are allowed.  Be sure to read about each lake before you visit.  Click the link below to go to the SCDNR website for these lakes.

     SCDNR State Managed Lakes

Largest Lakes in South Carolina

Lake Greenwood 11,400 acres     *Lake Hartwell 56,000 acres     * Lake Jocassee 7, 565 acres
* Lake Keowee 18,500 acres          *Lake Marion - Santee Cooper Lake 110,000 acres
* Lake Monticello 7,100 acres        * Lake Murray 50,000 acres
Lake Moultrie - Santee Cooper Lake 60,000     *Lake Russell 26,650 acres
* Lake Thurmond (Clarks Hill) 70,000 acres     *Lake Wateree 13,700    *Lake Wylie 12,455

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Important Fishing Information   

Always remember to please renew or purchase a South Carolina Fishing License when fishing in the lakes of South Carolina.  The game wardens do check licenses.

South Carolina has a reciprocal agreement with the state of Georgia so that fishing on the border lakes between states is allowed with a fishing license from either state.  The following lakes are covered by this agreement:  Lake Hartwell, Lake Russell, Lake Thurmond (Clark's Hill Reservoir), and Lake Tugaloo.   Largemouth bass caught in these border lakes must be a minimum of 12 inches or longer on the Georgia side of the lake. 

Please Note:  South Carolina has NO reciprocal agreements with North Carolina.  So to fish on a South Carolina - North Carolina lake, a fisherman should have a license from both states.  This rule applies to Lake Wylie located on the northeastern border of South Carolina.

 SCDNR Freshwater Fishing Information  

 SCDNR Fishing License Information

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