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About Lake Blalock

Lake Blalock is one of three lakes in the Spartanburg Water System. The other two lakes are Lake Bowen and Reservoir #1. Lake Blalock impounds the Pacolet River.  Althought development along the shoreline is increasing, the shoreline currently still has a lot of wilderness areas along the banks.  Lake Blalock Park is located here  with a boat ramp, picnic area, and fishing dock. 

There are some rules and regulatrions you should be aware of before visiting this lake. A permit is required for boating.  Also, other boating restrictions apply - see "Rules" below on this page.  Spartanburg Water System provides a website for all the lakes they own with the complete rules and regulations concerning all aspects of these lakes including boat restrictions, boating permits, fees, dock permits, and other laws governing these lakes.  Be sure to read these rules before visiting the lake. 

The official site for Lake Blalock  Spartanburg Water System Lake Blalock Page

  • Size: 1,105 acres.  
  • Area: 45 Miles
  • Location: Spartanburg County 
  • Depth Information:  49.5 feet Maximum Depth 
  • Average Depth  5.6 feet Average Depth
  • Full Pool Elevation  699.50 Above MSL
  • Fish Species:  Bass, crappie, and catfish
  • Roads: Highway 221, use exit 78 on I-85 then left on 221 toward Chesnee. Road SSR43 crosses the lake’s northern end.


The Commission of Public Works of the City of Spartanburg has issued the following rules and regulatios:

  • Boating Permits required - Purchase at Wardens Office 
  • Maximum Outboard Motor:  30 HP (except pontoon)
  • Boat Maximum length: 25 feet
  • Pontoon Boats: Maximum Outboard 40 HP 
  • Pontoon Boats - Maximum length 25 feet
  • No Personal Watercraft including Jet Skis. 
  • There are many other rules that apply to boating and fishing on Lake Blalock.
  • All South Carolina laws apply.

Fishing Information

  • South Carolina Fishing License is required.
  • All South Carolina laws apply.

   SCDNR Freshwater Fishing Information  

   SCDNR Fishing License Information

Please read the Rules & Regulations for Lake Blalock before visiting this lake.  Spartanburg Water System Lake Blalock Page  


Lake Blalock Park - 1 fishing dock, 1 boat ramp, picnic areas, pavillion rentals

Wardens Office - Located at Lake Blalock Park

Lake Blalock Warden’s Office, 1925 Sandy Ford Road, Chesnee, SC 29323,  864 578-5442       24-Hour Emergency Number:  (864) 578-2764 


                                                                     Notes:  All the ph otos on this page were taken by Danny Norwood on June 2, 2002.


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